Bundle Graphite Lead Pencil Pack

From: $6.20


Osmer lead pencils are good quality full length pencils that are easy to sharpen. Bundle packs are available in either:

  • Round recycled newspaper pencils (box of 20) made from 80% clean recycled newspaper in HB or 2B {ORP202B/ORP20HB}
  • Wooden hexagonal shape pencils (box of 12) in 2B {OSP122B}
  • Wooden hexagonal shape pencils (box of 12) in HB with a soft eraser on the end of each pencil {HEX12HB}

Bundle pack contains:

  1. Box of Osmer HB or 2B Pencils. Choose between recycled newspaper or wooden pencils.
  2. Osmer Pencil Eraser {OE222}
  3. Osmer One Hole Aluminium Pencil Sharpener {PS1004}

Please note:

  • The single hole pencil sharpener {PS1004} comes in assorted colours and a random colour will be sent.
  • Product images are not to scale.



Recycled Newspaper, Wooden


2B, HB