Bundle Junior Prep List Pack

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The junior pack is great for juniors who are still not at school, or who have just started. Or even having a spare set at Grandma’s, the Sitter’s or in the car to keep your child busy for hours. The jumbo triangular shape pencils with 4mm thick leads teaches children how to hold a pencil correctly with better control, whilst minimising end breakages from pressing too hard. The pack includes a permanent laundry marker for marking all personal items and a pencil case to put it all neatly away.

The Regular Junior Pack includes:

  • Osmer Jumbo Triangular colour pencils box of 12 (JUM12C)
  • Osmer 2B Graphite pencils box of 12 (OSP122B)
  • Osmer pencil eraser (OE222)
  • Osmer two hole aluminium pencil sharpener (PS1006)
  • Osmer wooden 30cm ruler (300W)
  • Osmer 340 x 170 mm pencil case (STR3417)
  • Nikko permanent name laundry marker pen  (150)

Upgrade to the Jumbo, and get everything from the regular size, plus:

  • 5 x Osmer 40 gram white glue sticks (OG40W)
  • Osmer hexagon colour pencils box of 12 (HEX12C)
  • Osmer two hole triangular barrel sharpener for easy sharpening of pencils for small hands (not available for purchase separately)
  • Osmer 1 pack of 2 carabiner clips (CC600)
  • Two additional pencil erasers (OE222) {so 3 in total}

Please note:

  • The Osmer aluminium two hole pencil sharpener comes in 4 different colours, please advise a purchase note preferred colour otherwise a random colour will be sent.
  • The Osmer two hole barrel sharpener comes in orange, pink, blue and green, please advise a purchase note preferred colour otherwise a random colour will be sent.
  • The black mesh Osmer pencil case displayed is the current stock pencil case for this booklist. It may change due to stock levels and an identical sized Osmer blue tartan pencil case will be supplied.

CAUTION Cut Hazard: Product has functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Handle with care. Use with adult supervision.

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Regular, Jumbo

Scissor Colour

Pink, Blue