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Keep your pen in brand new condition and protect it from scratches, drops and dints whilst keeping it in a stylish case. These 100% natural full-grain cowhide pen cases are made with a durable and resilient leather..  The leather looks antique and any imperfections such as scratches, marks, and uneven tones suddenly become the highlight and start to give the leather a special kind of vintage and timeless rustic look.

The cowhide was treated by applying oils and waxes after it was polished and buffed which helps soften, change the colour and hue. This process creates a tough and strong leather called “crazy horse leather” which is known throughout the centuries for its beauty, strength, and durability. This leather is used to make leather saddles for horses – hence its name. Its characteristics are different from all other types of leather, as it makes it eye-catching and slightly shiny, without it being too bright.

We recommend only 1 pen per case, otherwise you can scratch your pens against each other when placing or removing from the case. Do not over stuff the case, as over time the leather will stretch and may not fit your pen as snugly.

Outer Size: 160mm x 50mm
Pen size suitable: Fits all size pens with a pen diameter up to 17mm, and keeps the pen securely closed with a flap.
Color: Brown
Material: Genuine Leather – 100% Cowhide processed into Crazy Horse Leather
Made in China

Leather Care:
As with all leather, you should care and condition your case regularly, with products that are specifically made for leather conditioning. Make sure you do a spot test before apply any products to the whole case.
If it gets dirty, gently use a light damp cloth.
If it is wet, try to dry it with a dry cloth gently. Do not use heat as this can cause it to warp and change shape.
If there are small scratches, use a soft dry cloth and rub in a circular motion.
Use only cold water.
Do not used chemical based cleaners as this can damage the leather and grain.
Do not use brushes on the leather as you can scratch and damage the leather.

If looked after, this leather pen case will last many many years.

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 164 × 5 × 3.5 mm

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