Nikko Finepoint 99-L Pens

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Nikko finepoint 99-L pens are an extra fine plastic tip pen for precision and technical writing. It is a good and popular premium quality pen that has been available since the 1960’s.  We currently stock black and pink. If you are after any other colours or quantities please contact us and we can order it in and/or add it to the listing.

  • Polyacetal tip for smoothness and light touch accuracy.
  • Long tapered shank is ideal for use with templates and stencils.
  • Draws a 0.4mm line in thickness.
  • Pen will not dry out if left uncapped up to 2 weeks.
  • Waterproof ink.
  • Quick Drying.
  • Made in Japan

Brand: Nikko

Product codes: 1301, 1312


Black, Pink


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