Osmer Broad Tip Paint Markers

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Osmer broad point tip opaque paint markers are an excellent paint marker to write on timber, steel, glass, vinyl, plastic, bitumen and concrete etc. and can be removed with mineral turpentine. The broad point tip is 4mm and draws a 2.5mm line. There are 12 colours. Choose from individual colours or an assortment of all 12. Only available in quantities 12.

  • Broad 4mm point tip and draws a 2.5mm line.
  • Outdoor use and quick dry.
  • Opaque paint markers.
  • Contains twin steel ball mixer to keep the paint stirred.
  • Great for plastic, steel, rubber, wood, metal, glass, paper, laminates etc.
  • Assorted comes in 12 colours or purchase 12 of each colour.

Brand: Osmer

Product codes: 2901, 2902, 2903, 2904, 2905, 2906, 2907, 2909, 2911, 2913, 2919, 2959

Product directions: Shake well before use. Press nib up and down 3 to 5 times to prime the tip, taking care not to flood or over ink the nib. Use on clean and dry surfaces. Allow ten minutes to completely dry (drying time may vary with surface types and weather). Recap tightly immediately after use and store pen in a horizontal position for maximum shelf life.

CAUTION : Contains xylene. Use only in a well ventilated area. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

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Assorted, Black, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Neon Pink, Orange, Red, Violet, White, Yellow

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