SCHMIDT® 700 A2 Silverwhite Ballpoint Pen


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SCHMIDT ® 700 A2 silverwhite ballpoint pen has a clear barrel with a white end cap. It contains an 700 A2 ballpoint refill. The silver/white (Silberweiss) ink is erasable on non porous surfaces and will write on both light and dark surfaces. Widely used to write on leather and upholstery.

The refill has a high quality stainless tip and tungsten carbide ball and writes in a medium writing stroke. We also sell the black and blue (non erasable) A2 refills to fit this pen.

  • High quality and reliable for strong, precise and clean lines.
  • Perfect for writing on leather and upholstery.
  • A Tungsten Carbide ball and Stainless Steel tip, for strength, longevity and consistency in performance.
  • Refill can be housed and protected inside the pen.
  • Fits standard industry size A2 refills.
  • Genuine Schmidt brand made in Germany.
  • All stock in Australia.

Product code: BP 700

Pen Length: 112mm

Pen Diameter: 7mm

Industry Standard Refill Size: A2 refill

Refill Length: 106.84mm

Refill Diameter: 3.17mm

Refill Spring-Stop from tip: 34mm

Colours available: Silverwhite

Line width: 0.7mm (medium)

Brand: Schmidt Technology

Made in Germany

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