Schmidt DataPen Stylus D1 Refill

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To Test if this DataPen will work on your device’s screen:  Gently press your screen with a cap of a pen. If it reacts, it’s resistive and this DataPen refill will work.

With today’s array of digital devices and hard to select spaces on small screens, a stylus is a must-have accessory. This D1 refill sized DataPen Stylus fits in your pen, making it comfortable to use like a real pen, and without the need to have something else to carry around with you.

This Datapen Stylus refill is a fine point,  that aids in adding analogue capabilities in your digital devices with greater control, especially for:

  • Using the small keyboards, letters, characters, pages;
  • Ease of scrolling and magnifying web browsers;
  • Signing Documents;
  • Writing notes;
  • Drawing, colouring, sketching, illustrating and any other graphic design;
  • Playing games;
  • Marking your calendar (and the little boxes); and
  • Stopping greasy smears on your screens.

This DataPen is for input on resistive touchscreens, which operate based on pressure. To test whether your screen is resistive and this refill will suit, gently press your screen with a cap of a pen. If it reacts, it’s resistive and this DataPen refill will work.

  • A refill to fit an existing comfortable and stylish pen body.
  • Easy of swapping between a pen and the Datapen if using a multi-functional pen.
  • Use a comfortable real pen (with a DataPen refill) when using your device, especially on a small screen.
  • Avoids leaving greasy finger marks on screens.

Industry Standard Size: D1 refill

Product code: DataPen

Length: 67mm

Diameter: 2.15mm

Brand: Schmidt Technology

Made in Germany

Refill Suitable for most mini and multifunction pens, as well as any short 103mm pen bodies such as:
♦ Aldo Domanidata pen refill d1
♦ BIGiDESIGN (Ti Arto EDC, TI Arto Standard, TI Ultra)
♦ Caran D’Ache (XS, Mini, Mulitpen)
♦ Cross (Compact, Mini, Tech Series)
♦ Delta
♦ Diabolo Mini Ballpoint
♦ Faber-Castell Multipen
♦ Foray
♦ Franklin Covey Hinsdale
♦ Kaweco (Liliput, Soul, Sport – Ballpoint, Classic, Frosted, Ice, Touch)
♦ Lamy (2000 4-colour Multifunction, Accent 4pen Multi-function, CP1 Tri, CP1 Twin, Logo 3-Colour Multifunction, Logo Twin, Multi-system, Spirit Ballpoint Pen, St Tri and St Twin)
♦ Monteverde Poquito
♦ OHTO (Blooom 3-in-1, Horizon, Minimo and Multipen)
♦ Parker (Mini, Multifunctional)
♦ Pentel Vicuna
♦ Pelikan (K300, Level L5, Duo-Pen and Multi 4×1)
♦ PenAgain
♦ Pilot (2+1 Evolt, 2+1 Slim Multi, Ridge 4 colour)
♦ Platinum (Double Action, MWB-1000C, MWB-500RS, MWBM-1500A, MWBP-5000, MWBS-1500)
♦ Portemonnaie Mini
♦ Rotring Mini/Multipen
♦ Swarovski Crystalline
♦ S.T. Dupont (Mini Olympio, Defi Multi-function)
♦ Staedtler
♦ Tombow (Zoom 707, Zoom 717, Zoom 727, Zoom 414 and Ladies collection)
♦ Troika
♦ Uni-Ball (Jetstream Prime 3, Jetstream Prime 3 in 1, Jetstream Prime 3 Retractable Rollerball)
♦ Vector 3-in-1
♦ Waldermann Two In Once Fountain and Ballpoint
♦ Wörther
♦ Yafa
♦ Zebra (Sharbo Diary, Sharbo P2, Sharbo Surari 1000, Sharbo X – CB8, CL5, LT3, Premium TS10, ST3, SL-Mini Expandz, Styluspen Twist, Techo Mini, Telescopic, Wing Stylus C1).
Don’t forget to check your screen to see if it is resistive by gently pressing your screen with a cap of a pen, to see if this DataPen will work.

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