Uni-ball® Signo Sparkling Rollerball Gel Pens Wallet of 8


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Uni-Ball® Signo Sparkling gel ink pens are high quality rollerball pens that contain acid free waterproof pigment ink. The set of 8 sparkling colours come in a handy wallet to keep them together neatly after each use. They are perfect for any art and craft, scrapbooking or even day to day use, making your scripture memorable.

  • Ultra smooth writing designed to dry quickly.
  • Stainless steel tip for better flow.
  • Gel waterproof and light-proof ink.
  • Acid free.
  • Impressive colours on white, black or coloured paper.
  • Made in Japan.

The 8 colours in the wallet are: sparkling silver, sparkling gold, sparkling blue, sparkling red, sparkling green, sparkling pink, sparkling violet, sparkling orange.

Ball: 1.0mm

Line: 0.65mm

Brand: Uni-ball

Product Codes: UM-120SP, UM120SP8P

Please Note: This is a new line and as yet, we don’t have an image for this product. The Angelic Colour gel packs look very similar to these sparkling pack of gel pens.

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