Uni Pack

From: $19.95

Great value on what you need for university. Pens, correction tape, pencils, erasers, a sharpener, highlighters, and a ruler to highlight straight lines in your textbooks. Excellent value. Or upgrade to the large size and get even more value for money.

Pick between Osmer medium ball point pens or Osmer Fine Gel pens.

Uni pack regular size contains:

  • 2 x Black, 2 x Blue and 1 x Red pens {Use the drop down menu to select pen type}
  • Osmer Correction Tape (OCT800)
  • Box of 12 Osmer HB pencils with erasers on the end (HEX12HB)
  • Osmer 1 hole aluminium pencil sharpener (PS1004)
  • Osmer pencil eraser (OE222)
  • Stainless steel 15 cm / 6 inch ruler (15/6)
  • 4 x Nikko refillable highlighters in assorted colours.

Upgrade to the large, which includes everything from the regular size, plus:

  • An additional 7 (3 black, 3 blue and 1 red) pens {making total of 12 pens}
  • An additional Osmer pencil erasers (OE222) {making 2 in total}
  • An additional Nikko refillable highlighter {making 5 in total}
  • 1 black Osmer fine tip permanent marker (OS401)
  • 1 black Osmer chisel tip permanent marker (OS901)
  • either a 230 x 150mm OR a 340 x 170mm Osmer blue tartan pencil case
  • Osmer black mini stapler and a box of 5000 staples (OS5507)

Please note:

  • The single hole pencil sharpener comes in assorted colours and a random colour will be sent.
  • The Nikko refillable highlighters come in 5 colours. Please advise as purchase note preferred colours otherwise random assorted colours will be sent.
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Regular, Large


Ball Pens, Gel Pens

Pencil Case

230mm x 150mm, 340mm x 170mm, no pencil case