SCHMIDT® Softline P900B G2 Broad Refill

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The SCHMIDT® Softline has advancing ink technology with higher viscosity than the Easyflow 9000 ink. It is a large G2 refill that combines the traditional performance of the P900 with a smoother writing experience, and is more akin to a rollerball than a ballpoint. These refills are exceptionally suited for retractable push/click pens and twist pens without a cap.

The P900 Softline has a tungsten carbide 1.2mm ball that writes a broad line width. Writing tests of 3,900 meters have demonstrated the longevity of the P900 Softline.

  • Advancing ink technology with higher viscosity than the Easyflow, for strong, precise and clean lines.
  • A 1.2mm Tungsten Carbide ball and Stainless Steel tip, for strength, longevity and consistency in performance.
  • The large capacity steel G2 size barrel (Parker style/compatible).
  • All 100% designed and produced in Germany to exacting standards, to provide you with…
  • The smooth feel of a rollerball requiring less writing pressure, with the longevity and more controlled action of a ballpoint, for a tip that glides over paper more easily than any other writing system.
  • Genuine Schmidt brand refill made in Germany.
  • Each refill is brand new.
  • All stock in Australia.
Brands of compatible models:

Acme, Aurora, Baron Fig Squire, Bexley, Cartier, Colibri, Conklin, Delta, Diplomat, Faber-Castell, Foray, Hugo Boss, Itolya, Karas Kustoms EDK, Kaweco Sport, Krone, Lamy,  Montegrappa, Monteverde USA, Nova Minimal Pen, Omas, Parker, Pelikan, Retro 1951, Sensa, Visconti, Waterford,WE-Knife titanium.

Industry Standard Size: G2 Standard International Ballpoint Refill

Length: 97.5mm

Diameter: 6mm

Colours available: black and blue

Ball Diameter: 1.2mm

Line width: Broad

Brand: Schmidt Technology

Product code: P900B Softline

Do you need a pen for this refill? These instock pens suit this refill.

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Black, Black and Blue, Blue


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